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The software that provides a way to make a positive impact on revenue generation.

Our Story

We worked to design a product that would save you time, while allowing you to maintain a focus on driving profitable revenue.

Our Vision

We strive to provide you a time saving tool that will give you an advantage above your competition. A product that is dependable, ahead of its time, with an easy to use user interface. 


Our underlying technology infrastructure is scalable, smart data processing system built to capture real-time competitive intelligence that is easily actionable to propel your revenue generation.

Who are we

How it works


Use the software to collect competitive rate intelligence, compiled from web-based technology allowing you to have access to customizable data, with real-time updates that are tailored to your needs. These tools allow you to navigate your pricing success.


Implement your revenue driving strategies with efficiency by quickly viewing current price placement amongst lowest rate comparisons. Take swift action by easily tracking dynamic price movements and market trends.

How it works
Customer Testimonial

"Rate Driven Solutions provides a unique way to manage pricing, allowing for easy alignment of pricing strategy with fleet supply."

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